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About Us

Our Approach

At WATSON/OLDEN we avoid the daily exhausted jargon used by many to put a fancy spin on the services they provide. We instead speak the language of our clients and spend time listening to their stories, their goals and ideas to develop a deep understanding of their values, their customers, their employees and where they want to be.

We Are a BRAND IMAGE Consultancy

Watson/Olden is lead by a group of former media industry marketers, managers, editors and designers who share a passion for helping brands connect with consumers and communities. We help to identify areas of growth opportunities through brand extensions, acquisitions, new product/business launches and advise on customer facing operations. To aid these efforts we offer CONSULTING, STRATEGY and DESIGN services. We take pride in helping brands connect and build lasting relationships with consumers, employees and the communities they’re headquartered in.


BRAND IMAGE is the impression in the consumers’ mind of a brand’s total personality.


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