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Our Approach

At WATSON/OLDEN we avoid the daily exhausted jargon used by many to put a fancy spin on the services they provide. We instead speak the language of our clients and spend time listening to their stories, their goals and ideas to develop a deep understanding of their values, their customers, their employees and where they want to go.

We Are a BRAND IMAGE Consultancy

First impressions are everything and so is your brand image. These two go hand in hand and WatsonOlden works with young ambitious brands to achieve the best first impression possible. Brand image is not just your logo and a tagline. Your brand image is also consistency, transparency, efficiency and the connection a customer feels when they interact with your brand wherever they spend most of their time. It’s also loyalty and commitment between your brand and your customers. If it sounds like a relationship, that’s because it is and we help young brands nourish and build those relationships with their customers, employees, clients and partners.


BRAND IMAGE is the impression in the consumers’ mind of a brand’s total personality.


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